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We are a participatory project with the shared interests on art and music from intersectional perspectives and collective non-hierarchical learning.

Until the end of 2022 gather was called FEM*_MUSIC*_ and emerged from joint courses by teachers and students that took place in the winter 2017/ 2018 at the University at the Arts Berlin and dealt with feminist topics in the production of contemporary music.

We are convinced that it is possible and necessary to practice alternative forms of knowledge production and sharing in the university setting, which includes a feminist, queer and LGBTQI perspective.

We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to work with us, ask questions, make comments, or just say hello.

We are a collective.

We are a task force.

We want to disrupt institutional structures.

Together we practice non-hierarchical artistic modes of practice.

We aim to practice a pedagogy that is process oriented, to allow space for exchange and inspiration for mutual support.

We learn from and with one another.

We are a fluid group that is being shaped by whoever is involved in each moment.

We question norms.

Our artistic practice is shaped by our personal positions and experiences and therefore we see context, politics and social factors as important aspects within an art program.

We provide/create a space that you can go to and take with you.

It is necessary to talk about gender and power structures in relation to music and the arts.

Quallen statt Qualität! : Jellyfish instead of quality!

Creation doesn’t come out of nowhere.

We want to bring about change by taking a first step and establishing just in this group practices and dynamics we want to see elsewhere.

We’re trying to practice power relations within our group correctly. By doing that we hope to bring about change in larger structures within which we are operating.

We dream of a university that is barrier-free and more accessible for people with diverse backgrounds.

We exchange stories about our experiences, thus naming structural inequalities and making them changeable.

We take action and do something.

We learn together and are always striving towards our utopia.

We resist the isolation generated by the institution. We resist the processes and mechanisms of isolation generated by the institution.

We keep developing.

We take our own limits seriously.

We question the university's power to define.

Our working, creating and thinking together creates community.

We practice intersectional feminisms as a method for teaching and learning.

We are open to every gender, as long as you reflect on your privilege.

We like to think and we also like to do.

We seek connection to other feminist groups and individuals.

We support each other.

We care for each other.

We consider the constant process of being judged in the context of classical music education to be toxic and are looking for other forms of exchange and assessment qualities.

We want to be brave and curious.

Different formats allow for different learning experiences.

Space for new impulses.

We are open to university students and non-students.

We prioritize group experience over the individual experience.

We strive to include and be accessible to those with care responsibilities or other commitments or disabilities that limit their engagement within the institution of the arts university.

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gather is supported by the Berlin Program for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities in Research and Teaching (BCP), the AG Frauenfördergelder of the UdK Berlin and by the Women's and Equality Representative of the UdK Berlin and KLANGZEITORT

Zukunft Archiv

Mon. 11 December 2023, 17:00 - 20:00

Creative and non-hierarchical learning - Workshop

In the workshop, three members of the feminist collective gather (Eli, Lucien and Jakob*) share their experiences with teaching that is critical of hierarchy and provide space to deal with open questions on the topic of learning.

Meeting in room 210 on the second floor of the Medienhaus, Grunewaldstr. 2-5, 10823 Berlin

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Di 22. August 2023, 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Tania Rubio, composer: film screening and lecture – Präsentation

Film screening "Territory, Memory and Migration" and lecture "Biomusic, from animal communication to the creation of new music through the crossover between art, science and community" - in English / hybrid

Fasanenstraße 1B, Raum 322 UdK Berlin / Videokonferenz On-site: Free admission without registration. Online: Free registration is requested: gather[at]

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11.07.2023 5 pm - 6 pm

#17 gather Radio mit Coco und Lu 88,4 MHz in Berlin and 90,7 MHz in Potsdam

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Friday 21.04.23, 17:00 - 18:30

Guestlecture and Bookrelease

What does newly composed music sound like from the audience’s perspective? What do people value about their interactions with live contemporary classical music? And what can alternative formats or forms of audience participation bring to these experiences?

Location: Kleiner Vortragssaal, Bundesallee 1-12 10719 Berlin (barrier-free access)

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Friday, 24.11.2017 3 pm - 6 pm


We invite Arnbjörg Marìa Danielsen and Marta Forsberg to discuss collectives and curation from a feminist perspective.

Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Room 515 Charlottenstr. 55, 10117 Berlin

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